Folding Boxes

Folding boxes are used for storage and are a very popular choice. They are modular and therefore stack perfectly on top of each other, they come in many different sizes all of which are modular. We can manufacture any kind of folding box in different sizes and shapes to meet your need.

Insert Card and Tags

An insert card is a card that is not a part of the regular numbering system of a set of sports cards. We can produce different styles of of insert card in paper, vinyl, polyester or plastic and they can be die cut to any shape according to requirements.

Special Edition Packaging

The product offering within packaging covers all needs, from hanging packaging through to rigid shoe boxes and even Point of Sale display units.

Personalized Photo Products

With personalized photo-books, a real book with its own images and texts can be created. Professional printing and binding services offer for easy creation of photo-books with professional layouts and individual layout capabilities. Apart from photo-book, we also create personalized greeting cards, postcards, and canvas.

High-End Greeting and Scented Cards

These delicate and tasteful high-end greeting cards are printed on fine quality paper. We also did the wonderful scented cards, which individually wrapped in a little transparent bag, sealed.