Complete Computerization

We use the state-of-the-art computerized facilities to produce our products.
These include designing, proof production, publishing, manufacturing, quality checking and packing.
All procedures are handled by our skilled technicians & CTP system (Computer to Plate System).

We do not only focus on the state-of-the-art computerized facilities, but also maintain high standards of calibration on our printers, and so integrity of product quality is guaranteed.


  • We employ the IMPACT/ Artios Knife mold design and output system.
  • Automatic laser knife mold equipment is used for precision tooling.

  • Color Management System (CMS)

  • Wing Hung adheres to strict CMS standards.
  • We are continuously innovating our workflow and technology to improve CMS performance.

  • CTP & CTcP

  • Our Pre-press department began using CTP in 2000. 9 sets of CTP/CTcP equipment are being used.
  • We use the most advanced CTP & CTcP equipment available.

  • 3D Packaging Design

  • We are using the latest Esko Artios Packaging software for all structure designing.
  • Esko's Visualizer can show how the packaging will look (360 degree viewer).

  • Comprehensive Facilities

    To make the whole production process more efficient, we use a comprehensive set of equipment and systems.

    We use desktop publishing control panel, professional desktop publishing software, high quality scanner, color printer, paper cutting machine, box cutting machine, etc. We aim to provide you the best quality products.

    To strengthen the automation ability of our production line, we have purchased a set of advanced offset printing machines & accurate apparatus to ensure the stability of the color.

    Our spacious plant accommodates those various machines for printing different kinds of products with various materials, sizes & thickness.

    Extra processing works can also be provided, such as polishing, coating, embossing...

    Offset Printing

  • As of 2009 Wing Hung only uses Soy-Based Inks for all Offset production.
  • Wing Hung operates 26 pieces of KBA equipment.
  • The presses are high quality on-line varnish units, print speed can reach to 18,000 sheet/hour.
  • Networked software is continually refined to improve Color Management and enhance print quality.
  • Wing Hung is the world's largest user of KBA presses.
  • As of 2009 Wing Hung adopted the ISO 12647-2 Printing Standard.
  • All Offset Printing is based on this standard.
  • All Jobs will be verified by 3rd party ISO 12647 QC software.

  • Digital Printing

  • We are the first company in Asia with the 74KARAT digital printing press.
  • We also got a fleet of 8 Indigo Digital Presses, employed in our iPrint Department (6 x Indigo 5500, 2 x Indigo 7500).
  • All have 7 color capability as well as White Ink option.
  • IMS (Ink Mixing Station) for customized Spot Ink capability.

  • Packaging Making

  • Automatic Box Making Machine.
  • Automatic Hard Cover Making Machine.
  • Objet 3-D Rapid ProtoTyping, for non-paper mold enhancements to Packaging Products (Special DVD Collection boxes, etc..).